It’s a Jungle Out There

It's a jungle out there

Corporations have invested billions of dollars in IT security to thwart hackers, designing multiple layers of protection into their security architectures. However, corporate data is more vulnerable than ever and targeted penetration is increasingly successful due to the combination of Advanced Persistent Threats from hackers and an increasing number of network entry points…


Backoff Point-of-Sale Malware Alert


A new version of the Point-of-Sale (PoS) malware, “Backoff,” has been connected to several recent PoS data breaches. After finding these remote access solutions running they attempt to brute force the login user, giving them access to privileged accounts typically. Once they have privileged access they attempt to deploy the “Backoff” PoS malware and start the exfiltration of PCI data via encrypted traffic. Masergy Professional Security Services offers to our managed security customers recommendations to prevent, detect and thwart malicious threats.…